The Indian society of veterinary immunology and biotechnology, popularly called as “ISVIB” is a conglomerate organization of primarily veterinary scientists from microbiology, biotechnology, preventive medicine, parasitology, animal reproduction and fisheries disciplines with the objective of fostering the growth of veterinary immunology and biotechnology in the era of biological technology. The organization was started in the year 1990 by collective visionary zeal of Drs.P.Richard Masillamony, B.B.Mallick, and B.S.Keshavamoorthy, during an interactive session at Tirupathi. This registered society motivates the members to discuss, analyze and formulate suitable strategies for safeguarding animal health and thus to ensure improved animal production. To achieve this annual national conventions and symposiums are organized to critically analyse and update our knowledge and understand issues concerning with gene based technologies in animal production and health Since then the organization has grown in strength with a current membership of over 1000 scientists both from India and abroad. The first green revolution of the country was possible by visionaries and classical genetic and microbiological technologies, with the second undoubtedly biotechnology based. This forum will maintain the tempo amongst its members and the profession by highlighting our role in the coming years for not only a hunger free world but also a world of balanced nutrition and freedom from zoonotic diseases using biotechnology in veterinary and fisheries sphere of agriculture.